Mosaic's 2024 Grantmaking

Accelerating progress in this movement moment


2024 remains a critical moment for climate action and ensuring the promise of landmark federal climate laws. Building on our early IRA, BIL, J40 & 30x30 investments in 2023, Mosaic is continuing this momentum in our winter 2024 grantmaking cycle, which will maintain our focus on advancing the implementation of these critical federal climate and environmental opportunities, while also building longer term movement power.

Our Governance Assembly, which convened in a series of meetings in the fall of 2023, emphasized the importance of allocating a significant portion of our 2024 funding to renew support for existing grantee partner projects. Additionally, Mosaic will allocate new funds to 10-15 larger, multi-stakeholder projects addressing key gaps and emergent needs for groups working towards effective implementation of IRA, BIL, Justice40, and 30x30. Through a series of surveys and field analyses, we have heard from many of you about gaps and needs; two specific movement infrastructure needs consistently came up around regional coordination and field-wide communications. If the below two efforts to close these movement gaps sound related to the work you are leading, or an organization in your network, we invite you to share your idea with us!


The types of ideas Mosaic is looking to support this year:


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