COVID-19 Response:
Helping environmental grassroots groups stay effective

Since Summer 2020, Mosaic has made $1.5 million of rapid response grants to nonprofit grassroots organizations focused on environmental protection and justice. Our funding is supporting the purchase of the tools, technology, and training needed to remain effective during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The Frontera Land Alliance 

El Paso, Texas

“The Frontera Land Alliance (Frontera) has moved a large portion of our communication, education and outreach to online due to COVID-19. With Mosaic’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Infrastructure award we now are ensured to have the needed technology to continue to grow and share with the public, and our supporters, Frontera’s mission, updates of our projects and programs. This is irreplaceable support!"

— Janae Field, Executive Director

Mosaic is Helping Grassroots Groups Stay Effective During the Pandemic

In response to a national call for proposals, nearly 600 small nonprofit grassroots organizations (with budgets below $500,000) submitted funding requests totaling $8.1 million. Applications were received from groups in 49 states.

These advocates and activists focus primarily on environmental protection and justice, including clean air and water, a stable climate, healthy and just communities for all, and protection of our natural heritage.

As of June 2021, Mosaic has funded 169 organizations, prioritizing the smallest first. We are ensuring that support goes to groups working in all regions on a broad range of environmental issues. Funding supports the purchase of tools like laptops and cameras, video conference licenses, training, and other resources to transition to effective remote work.

As of June 2021, Mosaic has funded 169 grassroots organizations working on environmental issues across the nation

Green Door Initiative

Detroit, Michigan

“As a grassroots organization that prides itself on the ability to reach the people we serve it is crucial that we remain consistent in doing so…The support that we have received in the form of technological tools, training and other resources helps to soften the transitional blow and has been essential in the strengthening of our infrastructure.”

— Donele Wilkins, President

Mosaic’s Areas of Strategic Focus
Mosaic’s Areas of Strategic Focus
We Funded What the Field Said It Needed

When the pandemic emerged, Mosaic reached out to environmental protection and justice organizations. We asked about the infrastructure they needed to remain effective during this unprecedented time. We heard that the greatest needs were:


for remote work & communications
for effective remote work, advocacy & connection
for adaptive organizational operations & planning

In response, Mosaic allocated $1.5 million of our first year’s grantmaking to support these emergent needs to help grassroots environmental groups remain effective.

Matanzas Riverkeeper

St. Augustine, Florida

“With support from Mosaic, we were able to purchase equipment to transition to a work-from-home operation format as well as technology to facilitate remote communication and collaboration with volunteers and partners. While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many aspects of our daily lives, Mosaic’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Infrastructure RFP has helped us to quickly adapt so that we can continue to fight to protect our waterways and natural resources.“

— Jen Lomberk, Executive Director

What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a new national initiative to better support people working to deliver clean air and water, a stable climate, healthy and just communities for all, and thriving natural systems by bolstering the critical infrastructure all movements need to succeed.

Mosaic invests in field-wide connections and shared resources that enable people and organizations to work together, like communications, advocacy tools and training, leadership development, field knowledge, backbone services, and networks. A diverse Governance Assembly that includes a super-majority of NGO and grassroots representatives, working together with funder participants, leads Mosaic and makes grant decisions.

For any questions or more information about Mosaic, please contact our team at

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